Loft Conversion: Where Do I Start?

One of the most effective ways of adding value to your home is to convert empty attic space into a useable room. Loft conversions can be great for adding an additional bedroom, home office or gym to your current living space. Before you explore all the options available to you with a loft conversion there are a number of things you will need to keep in mind, according to a number of loft conversions specialists in and around Maidenhead I spoke to.

Why do a loft conversion?

A loft conversion can add a significant amount of money to the value of your property. Many families make use of a loft to add more space to their home. Making use of a loft for a home office can also be less disruptive than working in the home itself.

Is my loft a useable space?

One of the first things you will need to have a look at when considering a loft conversion is whether you have enough space in your roof to complete a conversion. You can easily measure this yourself or enlist the services of a professional builder to complete the assessment. If you are looking at doing the measurements yourself you will need to take a measurement from the bottom of the ridge timber to the top of the ceiling joist. You may find you can get a useful room with as little as 2.2m in the usable part of the roof. Ideally, the area needs to be 2,50 cm to suitably convert.

How will I use the space?

After you have estimated the rough suitability of your roof for a loft conversion, you will need to think exactly how you will be using the space you will be creating. You may want to make use of the area space as an extra bedroom with en-suite bathroom, or maybe a den or playroom for your growing children. How about a space to relax or study? Alternatively, you could opt to make use of the area as a multi-purpose room. Whichever you choose you to need to make sure that the space you have chosen is adequate for the use you have in mind. You will also need to consider the addition of a bathroom if you plan on entertaining in the area.

Can I convert the loft myself?

The installation of a loft conversion is a complicated process. You might want to enlist the services of the local planning department and you will want to comply with various building regulations. While this process is the most complicated of the whole lot, it is entirely possible to do a loft conversion yourself.

Do I need planning permission, building regulations or party wall agreement?

Planning permission is not normally required when doing a loft conversion unless you are extending the roof space or exceed specified limits. To make sure that you are adhering to the regulations it is best to consult your local planning department. Those employed in these departments will ensure that you are converting your loft in line with local regulations.