Creative Uses for a Loft Conversion

Quite often, the average loft is usually used as a spare bedroom or as an extra storage space. But what if you already have sufficient bedrooms and storage space? Do you just go ahead and waste this space? Probably not! What most people don’t know is that there are hundreds of exciting options that can be used on this bonus space under your roof. All you must do is think outside the box or even better, use the below creative uses from Convert My Loft Space for a loft conversion.

  1. A Study

Do you always find it difficult studying in your home? Then the loft is the perfect place for you to convert into a study room. First and foremost, it is far away from the living room which is the primary source of noise. And, it is isolated from the other parts of your home. When it comes to loft conversion, you must be ready and equipped. You can place the computer desk facing the gable thus giving you enough headspace. And, you can convert the other space in your attic as a library for storing books.

  1. A Rehearsal Room

Are you a musician, poet or do you play an instrument? You can convert your loft into a rehearsal room. It is the perfect place to keep you locked out from all other members of the family. You can also kick the loft conversion a notch higher by soundproofing your walls. This ensures that you don’t wake up your family members at 3 AM when you are rehearsing for a coming performance.

  1. A Playroom

Gone are the days when lofts were converted into additional bedrooms. Most homes are today built with sufficient bedrooms depending on the number of kids a particular family has. If you want to do something for your kids, then converting the loft into a playroom is a good idea. It is normal for you to stumble on a Lego in the bathroom or kitchen if you are living with kids. To avoid this, you can convert the loft into a playroom. You can neatly arrange where toys should be placed. Because it is now a playroom, it is better if you install conventional stairs other than the spiral ones which are a bit risky.

  1. Entertainment

Do your kids frequently fight over what to watch on TV? Well, if your attic space is empty, you could convert it into an entertainment section. The lofts small space makes it ideal for an entertainment room. You can install a TV on one end and fit a home theatre system. On the other end, you could then place a comfy sofa with a stool on the side that will be used to hold snacks.

  1. A Home Office

Do you run your business from home? If you do, then the attic is the ideal candidate for a home office. You can make your transactions there and you can also interact with clients easily. Converting your loft into a home office sets a clear boundary between your home and office. Moreover, the size of a loft is like that of an average sized office in the UK.

If you intend on converting your loft, you should take time to explore all options and how they can be of benefit to you and your family. The above are creative ways on how you can convert your loft.